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Out-of-State Scholarships

TCNJ is excited to offer merit scholarships to high school seniors from outside the state of New Jersey.  Over the past three years, over 80% of admitted out-of-state high school students have qualified for a merit scholarship, which range from $1,000 to $12,000 per year for all four years of study.

The College of New Jersey has a pre-established pool of funds to distribute each year.  Therefore, we strongly encourage students interested in out-of-state merit scholarships to submit their Common Application by December 1st.  This gives their application “Priority Status.”  These applicants, if admitted, are given first consideration for our scholarship awards (especially our larger awards), and they will be notified earlier in the review process if they qualify for an award.  Priority Status at TCNJ is the surest path to earning a competitive out-of-state merit scholarship.

All admitted high school seniors are eligible for merit awards; there are no minimum GPA, class rank or test scores required for consideration.  The College of New Jersey takes pride in its holistic approach to the out-of-state scholarship process.  Non-quantitative measurements play a key role in the decision-making process.  TCNJ is looking for students who show talents beyond the classroom:  students who intend to actively contribute to the academic, residential and social communities on our campus.  Extracurricular involvement can play a significant role in the amount of a student’s merit award, as does their overall enthusiasm for TCNJ.

While some initial scholarship offers–based solely on academics–may be made at the time of acceptance, all admitted students will receive a brief supplemental scholarship application in their TCNJ acceptance packet.  This application is required to receive full consideration for an out-of-state merit scholarship.  The application will ask the student to provide additional information about 1) their interest in The College of New Jersey, 2) their past accomplishments, and 3) their long-term goals for college and beyond.  The scholarship application, in conjunction with the student’s academic record and extracurricular experiences, will determine the student’s ultimate scholarship award.  Notification of these merit awards begins in March for Priority Status applicants.

The College of New Jersey has also partnered with Raise Me in order to enable students to earn TCNJ scholarships before and during the application review process based off of their high school achievements.  Interested students can visit and create a Raise Me profile to start qualifying for scholarships today!

All scholarships from Admissions are awarded for eight consecutive semesters of study at TCNJ, provided that the student maintain a 3.0 GPA while at The College.

The College of New Jersey also awards Lion’s Pride Need-Based Scholarships.  These institutional grants will be awarded to merit scholarship recipients who demonstrate financial need.  Students must submit the FAFSA by February 15th to be eligible for a Lion’s Pride Need-Based Scholarship.  The Office of Student Financial Assistance will work with the Office of Admissions to review FAFSA data before awarding Lion’s Pride Need-Based Scholarships in late March.  Award amounts will be based on available institutional funds and the number of qualified candidates who successfully submit the FAFSA.

Lion’s Pride awards are designed to supplement a student’s current merit scholarship, and the total scholarship amount between the two award types will not exceed $12,000 per year.  Therefore, a student receiving the top out-of-state merit scholarship of $12,000 will not be eligible for Lion’s Pride award money.

If you have questions, please contact Matt Middleton, Associate Director of Out-of-State Recruitment, at

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