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Other Applicants


Non-matriculated undergraduate students are defined as those who have been admitted to the College and may enroll for course work, but have not been formally accepted into a degree or certification program. Upon approval, a nonmatriculated student may enroll for no more than 30 credits before matriculating into a degree program or formally declaring the intention not to pursue such a program at TCNJ.

The admissions policy for undergraduate, non-matriculated students is designed to serve the needs of returning students, veterans, and late applicants who meet the criteria for matriculation into a degree or certification program. It is also intended for students who seek personal enrichment. Acceptance as a non-matriculant is competitive, and enrollment in courses is based on space availability, moreover, the Office of Admissions can not guarantee that any specific course or courses will be available to the applicant due to enrollment capacities or satisfaction of pre-requisites. Financial aid is not available to students who are not in a full time program.


Re-Entrance (withdrew in good academic standing)

Students who have voluntarily left the College are classified as re-entering applicants if they meet the following requirements:

  • Must have been previously admitted and matriculated at The College of New Jersey
  • Voluntarily left The College of New Jersey with a 2.0 cumulative grade point average or better
  • Have missed at least 2 consecutive semesters at TCNJ.
  • Have no financial obligation to TCNJ.

Re-entering students in good academic standing are re-instated into the academic major or program that was active on their record when they were last enrolled. If you are Open Options, you will be required to declare your major upon your re-enrollment.


Re-Admissions (have been academically dismissed)

Students who have been academically or judicially dismissed from the College and wish to be reinstated are classified as readmission applicants. Readmission applications are reviewed by the Committee on Admissions. The deadline for application and all supporting documentation is December 1 for January (spring) enrollment and May 1 for September (fall) enrollment.