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The College of New Jersey is an exceptional institution that applies innovative approaches in teaching its students to live, learn, and explore throughout their collegiate experience. A small, public college located in central New Jersey, TCNJ welcomes students who seek an interactive education that will challenge their ambitions, both inside and outside of the classroom.

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TCNJ Admissions @TCNJ_Admissions Why yes, yes they did 😁 2 weeks ago
TCNJ Admissions @TCNJ_Admissions Happy Veteran's Day! Thank you for your service and sacrifice! 2 weeks ago
TCNJ Admissions @TCNJ_Admissions RT @TCNJ: We made history today - thank you #OneDayTCNJ contributors! We have #TCNJPride. (And if you haven't made a gift: 3 weeks ago
TCNJ Admissions @TCNJ_Admissions RT @dearmariawho: @Lavernecox is gonna be at tcnj tonight and I'm super excited !! 3 weeks ago
TCNJ Admissions @TCNJ_Admissions RT @sparklycynthia: A little too happy that there is actually a lion emoji now so that when I tweet about @TCNJ I don't have to settle with… 4 weeks ago
TCNJ Admissions @TCNJ_Admissions Sweet news: RedBerry in Campus Town is now open!! Stop by M-F 8-Midnight, Sa-Su 11-Midnight 4 weeks ago
TCNJ Admissions @TCNJ_Admissions Sweet!! Literally! 4 weeks ago
TCNJ Admissions @TCNJ_Admissions RT @alexa_rocco: Me and Isabella are MAKING FRIENDS at TCNJ open house!!! 5 weeks ago
TCNJ Admissions @TCNJ_Admissions Lions Day Open House today!! Students & Families, are you here? Tweet us and let us know how your day is going! #TCNJ #TCNJ20 5 weeks ago