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Our out-of-state alumni have a lot to say about their college searches, their enrollment decisions and their experiences at The College of New Jersey.  Here’s a small sampling of their words of wisdom:

Basically I have always wanted to go to school in New Jersey. I found TCNJ and instantly fell in love; it was the perfect size and location, it’s beautiful, the classes are small and it is a very good school.  When I visited for the first time I knew it was perfect. Everyone was SO nice and friendly and I felt as if I belonged.  And I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT HERE. I could not even imagine having a better college experience. I love the people, my professors, advisor, classes, friends, my floor, elk, EVERYTHING! People think it’s crazy that I am from California but honestly it feels like I’m home. I don’t get homesick because already I feel like I have a family here. I am so grateful I chose TCNJ; it was the best choice of my life 🙂

Allie, CA
Communication Studies; Class of 2016

The statistics about TCNJ don’t lie. I was very impressed by the schools retention rate and the size of the school was perfect.  Words cannot express how happy I am at TCNJ.

Robert, MO
Political Science; Class of 2018

“For a small school, there are so many different ways to get involved and it is at TCNJ where I felt I would be more than just a number.  Academically, each student has the same drive and passion for learning as I do, which motivates me to be the very best student I can be.”

Claire, NY
Biology; Class of 2017

“I was reluctant to consider TCNJ because it was so close to home, but an invitation to attend Junior Visit Day convinced me to take a closer look.  In the middle of my tour I turned to my parents and I said, ‘I want to go here.’  After the tour I spoke with both the heads of Special Education and the Math / Science / Technology Departments.  I was impressed that they displayed an interest in my future at TCNJ.  I knew that I would not just be a number at the school.

I applied early decision to TCNJ and to this day, I believe it has been the best decision I have ever made.  TCNJ is such an amazing place with astounding professors, students, and overall friendly campus.  Students and their parents often ask why I chose a New Jersey state school when I live in Pennsylvania.  I take pride in telling them it was because it was (and still is) the perfect fit for me and I could not be happier!”

Dana-Joy, PA
Special Education – Math, Science, Technology; Class of 2015

TCNJ is more than just a school – it’s a family. Whether it’s the people that work in the Eickhoff Dining hall, my friends from my dorm, or even my professors, I’m always surrounded by people who truly care about me and know how to make me smile.”

Benjamin, NY
Communications Studies; Class of 2018

I conducted my college search by looking at the campus life, dorms and academics, not by what state it was in. TCNJ is a school that excels in all of these categories and continues to strive for excellence. I ended up choosing TCNJ because of their Chemistry program. No other school I applied to put as much emphasis on undergraduate research as TCNJ.

Kristina, PA
Chemistry, Class of 2016

“the main thing I was looking for in a college was a quality education that would allow me to develop strong relationships with my professors, guide me on the right path for my specific major, and give me opportunities for field experiences and professional development.  I can say with the utmost confidence that TCNJ has exceeded my expectations and I feel that I have been given the tools necessary to be successful in my career after my undergraduate years here.”

Leah, CT
Early Childhood Education; Class of 2017

What made TCNJ standout to me was the sense of community I immediately felt during my first tour. It was important to me that I find a place where I can feel at home during my college experience. After a year here, with all of the experiences I’ve been lucky to have and the friends I’ve been able to make, TCNJ has not let me down. There’s so much to do. I could very easily travel up to New York and see a Broadway show, or get together with some friends and go to the beach during the warm seasons. I’m very glad with the decision I made to come to TCNJ and don’t regret a single thing about it.

Justin, MD
Music and Mathematics, Class of 2015

TCNJ is not the typical model of a college with lecture halls and students falling asleep during long boring power point presentations. Classes are set up to be engaging and thought provoking, so that even on days I’d rather be asleep at home I feel like I’m learning.  Once I visited the campus I was sold; TCNJ is amazingly beautiful and the size of the student body fit with what I wanted coming from a small school. As an out of state student the tuition is a little more, but I know it’s worth the extra money because of the quality of education I’m getting.

LeighAnn, PA
Deaf Education – Psychology, Class of 2015

“I couldn’t imagine going to school anywhere else. I love the atmosphere, the students, the faculty, the classes, and the extracurricular activities. Everyone is incredibly welcoming, and it felt like I was coming home even though my true home was 1,500 miles away.”

Katharine, TX
Communications Studies; Class of 2019

I first heard about TCNJ from my SAT tutor. While it was well known by some of the guidance counselors in my high school, none of my friends had ever heard of it. While at first I was nervous about attending a school where I literally knew no one, I actually found that it worked to my benefit. I was able to make new friends without worrying about carrying over anything from high school with me to college. I love that my home life and school life are completely separate. Once on campus I found support in the Out-of-State Student Alliance (OSSA). It was great to talk to people who were having similar experiences and as the club’s current president I would love to do the same for current and incoming freshmen.

Kim, NY
Criminology, Class of 2015

“I always wanted to go to a smaller school, where I was more than another face in the crowd. I knew the professors would know my name, and that personal connection is something I loved”

Teagan, VA
Deaf and Hard of Hearing Education; Class of 2018

I was looking for an academically successful nursing program with small class sizes and of course a campus where I could feel at home.  I found a lot of colleges met some of those criteria, but only TCNJ fulfilled all three. Coming to TCNJ I was a little anxious not knowing anyone but I’ve made such good friends already in the short time I’ve been here.  Everyone is really friendly and helpful. I was surprised how quickly I started calling TCNJ home, but I truly feel at home and my whole floor feels like family.  I love my professors; they are an amazing mixture of brilliant and non-intimidating. I’ve shown up early for lab just to drink coffee and chat with Dr. Uzwiak, my anatomy professor. I’m incredibly happy with my decision to attend TCNJ!

Kaitlyn, NY
Nursing, Class of 2016

“I am so happy that I choose TCNJ.  I love it here.  The professors are awesome.  I never thought about the advantage of having a class of only 30 or 40 people until I came here.  Having small classes helps a lot especially with getting clarification on material.  The campus is amazing and it’s even better with the new Campus town.”

Lauren, PA
Biomedical Engineering; Class of 2019

TCNJ was the perfect choice for me. The small school is filled with amazing professors who continue to be an inspiration; I have never had a professor who didn’t find time to work with me one on one! The public transportation is also really convenient (for people who don’t have cars like me!) and the school is close enough to the City so that it is easy for me to visit my friends when I get homesick.

Kailey, NY
Secondary Education – English, Class of 2015

What made me decide to go to TCNJ is it that it is a small, intimate school and has a really good Biology program. Also, TCNJ is the perfect distance from home because I am away but can get home in a couple hours. When I got to campus, I was accepted right away. No one really cares whether you are from in-state or out-of-state.

Syndi, NY
Biology, Class of 2016

The College of New Jersey seemed like a pretty respectable school because of its statistics on, yet the second I stepped on campus it was like a utopian dream to me. Everything was set up and organized so extravagantly that I knew it was the place I wanted to be!

Jordan, PA
Psychology, Class of 2016

“I cannot imagine attending any other institution. Even though it’s far from home, TCNJ has become my NEW home.”

Amber, DE
Nursing; Class of 2019


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