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Our out-of-state students and alumni have a lot to say about their college searches, their enrollment decisions and their experiences at The College of New Jersey.  Here’s a small sampling of their words of wisdom:

“I was attracted to TCNJ because of its friendly and welcoming atmosphere, as well as its job placement rate for accounting majors. Since I’ve been here, TCNJ has provided me so many amazing opportunities I have been able to take advantage of, such as leadership retreats, executive board positions, study abroad, and even teaching a class.

London, PA
Accounting Major, German Minor; Class of 2020

The statistics about TCNJ don’t lie. I was very impressed by the schools retention rate and the size of the school was perfect.  Words cannot express how happy I am at TCNJ.

Robert, MO
Political Science; Class of 2018

I picked TCNJ because of the reputation it has in the workforce, as well as the people that I interact with every day. They are some of the nicest people you will ever meet.”

Cameron, NY
Interdisciplinary Business Major; Class of 2021

“Originally, I was very scared to attend a college six hours away from home, but once I started my time at TCNJ, I knew the long drive was worth it. This campus provides a comforting environment, where you can grow and thrive in all aspects of your life, not just academics, and become the best version of yourself! TCNJ really makes sure you feel at home, despite the distance.”

Cassidy, MA
Psychology Major, Deaf Studies Minor; Class of 2020

“You will quickly become a member of the TCNJ community and find your family on campus within the first week. Generally, Jersey is also a great place to live: close to the beach, NYC, Philly, and only a train ride away from DC. Being an out-of-state student at TCNJ is one of my proudest identities, and I am always showing my pride for both my home state and TCNJ, wherever I am.”

Rosalie, PA
Biomedical Engineering Major; Class of 2021

Being from New York, TCNJ was my top choice all along, even compared to SUNY schools and universities in other states outside of New York and New Jersey that I looked at during the college process. TCNJ is a hidden gem when it comes to academics, financial aid, and overall college experience, so don’t let the fact that it is a New Jersey state school deter you from embracing all that TCNJ has to offer!”

Kelly, NY
Psychology Major, Marketing Minor; Class of 2020

“The first thing about TCNJ that caught my eye was the size of the school, it is often described as the perfect goldie locks school- not too big, but not too small! I am able to walk around campus and see someone I know, while also meeting someone new every single day. The size has also allowed for such amazing leadership and involvement opportunities that could not be found at a larger school. I have been able to serve as Freshman Class President, sit on my sororities executive board, and have participated in two different faculty led research groups. Utilizing the relationships I developed with my professors in conjunction with our Career Center, I was selected for and have completed two internship/ co-op experiences. There are so many wonderful resources on campus to make each student successful in their own way.

Katie, PA
Communications Studies Major, Marketing Minor; Class of 2023

Not to oversimplify things, but TCNJ for me was always a matter of getting the most bang for your buck. The educational rigor and opportunities in all academic schools here at TCNJ are better than schools with twice the price tag, even with the out of state tuition that I pay. Students here at TCNJ are some of the most well prepared, involved and mature young adults I have ever met. They have impacted my college experience more than words can describe. I truly cannot recommend this school enough!

Robert, NY
Nursing Major; Class of 2021

“TCNJ has proven to me and all of my colleagues that a college can become a second home. Along with the beautiful scenery and sociable atmosphere, this school has ensured my confidence and excitement as I walk the friendly paths of this campus. It is rare to find a location like TCNJ that makes me feel as welcomed and enthusiastic!”

Noelle, PA
Secondary Education-History Major; Class of 2024

“For me, TCNJ seemed like a place that everyone felt at home. I was attracted by the encouraging academic environment, and the immense feeling of community at the school. I have truly found my home away from home at TCNJ – through my friends, my peers, and the academic and social opportunities TCNJ has provided for me. Coming to college not knowing anyone was an extremely scary experience, but I immediately knew I made the right decision when I stepped onto campus on move-in day and was welcomed by warm and smiling faces.”

Victoria, NY
Mechanical Engineering Major; Class of 2022


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