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The College of New Jersey Hosting Program

Welcome and congratulations again on your admission to The College of New Jersey! We understand that this is an anxious, exciting time in your life as you make a final decision on where you want to continue your education. We are pleased to assist in that process by introducing you to the TCNJ Hosting Program. The Hosting Program offers select students an opportunity to experience The College firsthand by shadowing a current TCNJ undergrad for the day, at a date and time that is most convenient with your schedule.


By clicking on the link at the bottom of this page and filling out the registration form, we will begin the process of matching you with a TCNJ student host. Once a suitable match has been found, an admissions staff member will contact you to confirm your interest and to provide you with your host’s name. You should be phoned or e-mailed by your host within days of our office’s confirmation to set up a date for your visit.

We designed this program to be flexible with your busy schedule. The Office of Admissions places no stipulations on your visit, with the exception that you cannot 1) stay overnight or 2) visit on a Saturday or Sunday.

Ultimately, you will be coordinating all the logistical aspects of your visit individually with your host. Upon your arrival, your host will provide you with a packet containing a full day’s worth of meal tickets, informational brochures, and a contact list of key campus departments. The admissions counselor who initially contacts you will also be available for you and/or your parents to meet with during your stay on campus.

If you are driving yourself to campus, you must stop the information booth outside of Trenton Hall to pick up a parking permit for the day of your visit. You will then be directed to the appropriate lot. If there is no one in the Information Booth, please stop at our Campus Police office in the Administrative Services Building to pick up a parking pass.


  • Sit in on some classes for a glimpse at TCNJ’s personalized, collaborative approach to higher education.
  • Taste TCNJ’s surprisingly good version of “college” food (for free, no less!) in our all-you-can-eat award-winning dining hall
  • Explore Campus Town! Check out our Barnes and Noble, fitness center and other restaurants and shops.
  • Check out your hosts’ residence hall and meet their floormates.
  • Experience the small classroom learning environment and interact with TCNJ’s personable professors
  • Get a sneak-peek of our outstanding campus facilities
  • Navigate the convenient paths of our campus as you learn your way around
  • Attend one of TCNJ’s Division III athletic events, take in a concert/show, or listen to a special guest speaker: ask your host what’s happening the day of your visit!
  • Join your host at one of their club meetings/programs. We have over 200 campus organizations at TCNJ, and your host
    will definitely be involved in some of them.

Please keep in mind that the Office of Admissions will not be directly supervising your visit. We have given our hosts extensive training on how to treat their guests, but Admissions will not be overseeing the specific aspects of your stay. You are responsible for your actions while on campus, just like any TCNJ student. Be sure to communicate to your host which events and activities appeal to you.

Register today by clicking here.

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