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Selecting/Changing a Major (Current Applicants Only)

There are three different types of major change request forms available to TCNJ applicants.  Please review each option carefully before selecting your choice.


“I applied, am waiting on an official decision, and I want to change my major.”

If you wish for your application to be evaluated under a program of study different from the one you selected on the TCNJ Member Form to the Common Application, please select your new program by clicking here.


“I was not eligible for my original major and would like to select a new alternate major.”

Students who did not qualify for our Art, Music, 7-Year Medical and 7-Year Optometry programs can be considered for admission in the “Alternate Major” they selected on the TCNJ Member Form to the Common Application.  If you wish to change your original selection, please select your new program by clicking here.


“I have been accepted by TCNJ but want to change my major.”

If you have already been accepted by The College of New Jersey and would like to request a change to your program of study, please email Amy Kawal at  After verifying your acceptance, Amy will add the Major Change request form to your Application Portal.

Please be aware that academic majors for enrolled students beginning their TCNJ careers in the fall semester are typically locked from mid-May through the start of the new semester.  Once the fall semester begins, students can request a new major by contacting the appropriate academic department directly to learn their policies and procedures regarding “internal transfers”.



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