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TCNJ Hosting Program

Thank you for your interest in hosting a prospective TCNJ student!  The Admissions Office has tried to create a program that provides a unique, personalized experience for our guests that showcases everything about TCNJ’s campus community: academically, residentially and socially.

By filling out the following form, you will be entered into our Hosting Database.  When prospective guests request to shadow a current student during the Spring semester, an Admissions Counselor will scan the Hosting Database in search of a solid match, based on academic interests, proximity to your hometown or high school, extracurricular activities, etc.   Assuming you’ve attended an information session (more on that in a moment), the counselor will select you as a match and provide you with information about your guest.

It will then be your responsibility to contact your guest and set up the day and time for their visit.  This will give both you and your guest plenty of flexibility in picking a date that works for both of you.  The only stipulation from our office is that the visit CANNOT be on a Saturday or Sunday and that the student CANNOT stay overnight.

It will be important during this initial conversation for you to gauge your guest’s interests.  Do they want to sit in on a particular class?  Are they interested in attending a club meeting or sporting event?  Would they like to participate in one of your floor activities?  Try to pick a date that meets as many of your guest’s needs as possible, though be sure it’s at a time of the day/week/semester when you can dedicate the bulk of your energy toward your guest.

Before you will be matched by one of our counselors, we ask that you attend a hosting information session.  These will be held throughout the spring semester, and you will be notified by e-mail about each and every session.   Lasting approximately 15 minutes, the session will explain our expectations for hosts and allow you to get your questions about the program answered.  If you attended an information session last year or have hosted a student through this program in the past, you will NOT be required to attend another one this year.

Here are some of the training basics:

  • DO NOT take your guest off campus
  • Be honest with your guests: share both the good and the bad of TCNJ
  • DO NOT violate any campus policy (aka, alcohol) with your guest: treat them as you would want
    your little brother or sister to be treated
  • Communication is the key: find out what your guest wants from their experience, and try to accommodate them as best you can.

The Hosting Program is for TCNJ students who are eager to share their college experience with high school seniors.  We hope you will develop a relationship with your guest that will extend beyond the visit, whether its answering questions after their visit or serving as an upper-class mentor (and friend) if they decide to enroll!  If this sounds like the type of program you want to be a part of, please click below!

Learn about success, the TCNJ way.


Fall 2020 undergraduate applicants: Please read the latest updates on Admissions operations and deadlines.