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Exceptional Academics

Faculty who are partners in their students’ success

TCNJ professors take the time to get to know their students, guiding them in course selection; offering real-world industry perspectives; and opening doors to research opportunities, internships, and career connections.

Courses that are more immersive

Our students typically enroll in four 4-credit courses per semester compared to their peers at other schools who tend to take five 3-credit courses. This deeper dive helps TCNJ students master the information and build stronger relationships with mentors.

Transformational learning experiences that are baked in

A TCNJ education is characterized by enriching experiences that elevate student outcomes. These can include mentored research, community-based projects, labs, and collaborative assignments. Most importantly, these experiences benefit all students from Year One; other colleges typically reserve them for juniors, seniors, honors students, or graduate students.

Extraordinary Outcomes

TCNJ’s sky-high retention rate is a reflection of overall student satisfaction.

TCNJ has the eighth highest four-year graduation rate in the nation (and the highest in New Jersey) among all public colleges and universities, per IPEDS. Finishing on time saves on tuition and gets you started on your future faster.

Our graduates earn more on average than do grads at most other New Jersey institutions, according to data from the National Center for Education Statistics.

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